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Who are we?

It's him, Charles Wu is a skilled handmade Chasing & Repousse craftsman from China, he specialize in intricately carved metalwork - Chasing and Repoussé. He has a considerable knowledge of traditional East-Asian sword fittings, but he is also an accomplished artisan of decorative metal fixtures and jewelry. He can work with various kinds of noble metals and inlay, plate and braze them together in various ways.

He is currently attempting to expand his repertoire, by increasing his knowledge of several traditional and modern patination techniques and compounds.


Techniques and Tools

Intricate carving and openwork are achieved through the craftsman's ability to visualize the object in its several steps of manufacture and through the judicious use of several tools and techniques. It is Master Wu's perception that usually four things are needed at any point are: Chisel, Hammer, Hands and a Holder. Doubtlessly, one of the most important tools is the chisel. There are many chisels that are used when making a piece, all appropriate for a particular shape and function.


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